Our Mission

Augusta Films is an independent production company making films with meaningful stories at their core,
stories that explore and contribute to a diverse culture. Beginning with THE LOVING STORY (2011) up
through THE RAPE OF RECY TAYLOR (2017), Augusta has adhered to its mission of communicating
essential human values and affecting change through dramatic, poetic, and entertaining storytelling.
Through both documentary and narrative films, we reveal characters of principle. In BY SIDNEY LUMET,
the legendary filmmaker says that fighting for one’s individuality is the essence of a good life. It is a
value we shine a light on in many of our films – characters struggling to find their way in confusing,
oppressive and often dangerous circumstances. Race, our country’s fundamental story, and women’s
resilience find prominent places in our stories: THE LOVING STORY, LOVING, THE RAPE OF RECY TAYLOR,
roster, our moral compass is clear. Our diverse subjects – in both race and gender – find their voices and
exercise their will against daunting odds. Or they empower others to do so through the creative process.
Though we are not limiting ourselves to female-focused subjects, it is not surprising that powerful,
emotionally resonant stories are those of women. It is often the women in our society who teach us
valuable lessons as they bear the burden of change.

Audience and Impact:

Our mission does not stop with the story-telling: it extends to getting our films into the world with the
intent of impacting individuals and communities with the power of their messages. We pay forward,
passing to them stories that inspired our films through conventional and non-conventional releases and
outreach. Our films have premiered in Cannes, Venice, the New York Film Festival, Tribeca and Berlin.
They’ve garnered two Peabody Awards, two Emmys and shortlisted for an Oscar. We look to expand on
these messages in new forms and ancillary opportunities. THE LOVING STORY is now a narrative feature.

AFTERNOON OF A FAUN, as the narrative feature TANNY, is in development. ENDANGERED is part
animation and part live action; a beautiful animated short based on this story will be out in the world soon.
Our aim is to increase our audiences and expand the demographics for these stories that must be told.
At Augusta, we find and tell powerful stories with compelling characters,
characters who may live naturally in more than one medium.